Measles Parties” Are a Myth

Anti­vac­cine pro­pa­gan­da has been spread­ing. As a result, so has the measles. Anti­vac­cine zealots are not wor­ried by measles out­breaks. Instead, they want even more peo­ple to catch the measles. These anti­vaxxers believe that measles is a harm­less dis­ease that boosts the immune sys­tem. (In real­i­ty, measles is dan­ger­ous main­ly because it dam­ages the immune sys­tem.) Late­ly, anti­vaxxers have been spread­ing the myth that in the old days, par­ents would send their chil­dren to “measles par­ties” at the home of a measles patient. In real­i­ty, some­one from the local board of health would post a quar­an­tine sign on the patient’s home, to pre­vent any “measles par­ty” from tak­ing place.

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